Much has changed in recent memory. The forest's swirling light, once plentiful, is now cast so thin you can barely see through the darkness. The symphonic night has gone quite, save a lone voice: the forest is calling. It needs your help.
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Watch the creavures trailer.
A small, cat-lie creature, Bitey, is seen in a bioluminescent forest, scouting his surroundings while an eerie, irradescent flower casts light on him.
Bitey jumps through trees in the bioluminescent forest collecting essence, the dying light of the forest.
A lizard-like creature, Zappy, runs through a bioluminescent marshland in search of the essence of the forest.
A spiny creature, Pokey, plods with great effort through the marshy swampland while Zappy waits on a piece of dry land in front of him.
A bat-like creature, Glidey, glides through the treetops in the canopy of the forest, narrowly avoiding dangerous brambles.
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Game Connection 2011 Indie Showcase Feature at Develop in Brighton IMGA Finalist